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Concussion Diagnosis

Upon your first visit following a suspected concussion, a thorough examination is conducted.  One of our certified concussion practitioners will determine whether you are indeed concussed and set you in motion on our specific return to learn/work/play protocol.

Concussion Management

The management portion of your concussion is arguably more important than the diagnosis itself.  Our team will start you on our management protocol where we will very closely monitor your recovery.  We will ensure that your progression through this recovery process is happening optimally and within the healing timeline.


Baseline Testing

We offer one of the most comprehensive and evidence-based baseline batteries available.  All of our baselines are submitted to an online database of over 300 clinics nation-wide.  If you are injured in a different part of the country and want to access this information you can walk into any affiliated clinic with your ID card.  Our baselines are covered under most health insurance plans.  Team rates are available; contact us for more info. 

Post Concussion Syndrome Diagnosis and Rehabilitation

If you have suffered a concussion and your symptoms have lasted longer than  2-4 weeks, you may be suffering with Post Concussion Syndrome.  These symptoms will often last months.  This is one of the areas that Sault Concussion Clinic specializes.  We are able to not only diagnose your Post Concussion Syndrome but offer specific rehabilitation treatment and exercises to help you recover.  We will also open lines of communication with other health care professionals including your family doctor to ensure you are receiving the best possible care.

Whiplash Diagnosis and Treatment

It takes less force to injure your neck than it does to cause a concussion.  Very frequently there is some degree of whiplash associated with your concussion.  Whiplash symptoms can mimic concussion symptoms in many cases.  As trained Chiropractors and manual therapy experts we are able to diagnose your associated whiplash injury and offer treatment to help you recover from this type of injury.